‘Mind N Soul Spa’- Wellness care centre, is a new emerging facility in which a number of therapist, highly skilled and experienced professionals have collaborated together, through therapy, meditation, yoga & aerobics, for the purpose of promoting healthy living with the service motto of spreading fitness to create a healthy community.

Mind N Soul Spa offers unmatched expertise and world class excellent wellness facilities, which adds a lot of value to health investment. Mind N Soul is the only place where you can work out with full confidence and joy with the help of our specialized fitness team, who reveal your ultimate body shape to yourself to get cool, calm, energize and to the world.

Mind N Soul Spa is coming up with a latest variety of new training concepts in therapy, yoga, meditation, aerobics exercise and fitness, with scientific techniques. Professional trainers are also there which forms the backbone of Mind N Soul Spa’s wellness care centre.

The owners, promoters and creators of MNS are techno experienced educated from past 20-25 years, have an extensive background in training competitive sports, yoga, meditation & other young athletes, as well as background in personal training, physiotherapist, nutrition, healthy living, post rehab and injury prevention.

Together, we will develop the new specialize programs for wellness care centre to club the variation of all expertise in different segment of their area i.e. therapy, yoga and aerobics that combines the best of each technique. More and more we are discovering that flexibility, power and core strength are the key ingredients to healthy bodies, charmful, fitness and preventing injuries.

Each and every class may focus at MNS to rejuvenate your body lines from yoga and aerobics to fitness, combines functional, challenging exercise specific to the sports, dance, mental fitness or everyday life that suits you, with assisted stretching to lengthen your muscles and relieve tension.

Come and be a part of the Mind N Soul Spa’s experience, to transform your life by achieving perfect Health, Wellness and Longevity.

EXPERT PANEL:  As per our expert helps to create wellness which defines you live in a state of optimal health, well-being, and vitality, and where you invest money, time and energy in the things that help you achieve it. They suggest you a good diet, way of doing exercise or yoga, and treatments like massage and bodywork that keeps you functioning at your best. MNS expert makes your lives richer and more enjoyable. A full program of fitness and stress reduction classes may also energize you and here are different types of techniques and methodology used during different treatments.

Expert / Trainer are having much exposure to develop the shape of body and mind which will work to facilitates in different segment of their background are as follows:

  1. Athlete
  2. Aerobic Trainer
  3. Yog Guru
  4. Boxing
  5. Spa Massager
  6. Meditation
  7. Physiotherapist
  8. Food & Nutrition Expert
  9. Diet Analyzer
  10. Other


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