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Yoga is a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. Mind N Soul provides the best Yoga and Meditation classes in Varanasi. Yoga helps you look at your life from a different perspective and completely rethink your goals, principles, and daily habits. Gaining independence from the senses, regular meditation, concentration of attention lead to the improvement of the soul and body.

At Mind N Soul Yoga Classes are carried out in a relaxed mode and consist of various asanas. Asanas are physical exercises that strengthen and heal the body. With their help, you can get to every organ, work out all the ligaments, blood vessels, muscles.

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    Why You Should Choose Mind N Soul for Yoga Classes?

    Mind N Soul is a cozy yoga studio in the center of Varanasi. In our practices, groups of 8-12 people. The teacher pays due attention to everyone present for the correct performance of the asanas, helps with adjustment or advises to perform a simpler version of the asana, helps to catch balance.
    After all, all these things are much easier to do in a small group, and not in a large one, where you can get lost or never wait for the teacher. For many of our teachers, yoga is a favorite hobby, not just a job. All teachers have certificates, they attend various seminars and are constantly developing. For them, this is not just physical practice that will tone your muscles.
    Small groups with an attentive teacher
    Located at the center of Varanasi
    Only certified professionals.
    More than 8 types of Yoga
    Tea area with Free Wifi
    Always a friendly atmosphere.

    Looking for Women's Gym in Varanasi?

    All of our fitness programs are designed taking into account the characteristics of the female body and ``problem areas``. Our Gym is a ladies-only space.
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    Saunas will help you improve the condition of the body, cleanse it of toxins, relax after physical exertion and a hard day at work.

    Diet Chart

    We help you with the customized diet chart required to fulfill daily body needs and maintain the balance between mind & body.

    Personal Trainer

    Although our custom tailored plans are enough but as an Add-On you also get a personal trainer whenever needed.

    SPA & Massage

    Professional SPA massage performed by a qualified therapist is a complex of different approaches.

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    The vibrant health, flexibility, and stamina this unified body-mind brings us, living in the body is also an integral aspect of spiritual practice.

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